Archive of Work

Work produced at the Royal College of Art

The body of work that was conceived during my recent MA at the RCA is concerned with exploring how scale, colour, texture and material inform our perception and understanding of form. The space an object occupies through its scale has a significant role in determining our relationship with it. Colour, whether bright, soft, intense or vivid has a powerful effect in defining its character. Textural treatment invites us to examine the tactile qualities of the surface and how this influences our ability to read and comprehend a form. This is further emphasized when choosing the material, whether solid, dense ceramics or translucent glass.

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Carved Raku - 2008-2011

Handbuilt and carved raku fired work. The vessels were largely in shades of black and metallic greys; an attempt to re-focus the attention on form through simple repetitive patterns that explore rhythm and movement.

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Naked Raku - 2003-2008

Handbuilt and burnished Raku work using resist techniques. During that period a successful piece was the result of precision of design and the spontaneous nature of the firing.

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