• Amber Red Vessel Form : Awarded 'Crossover Award' at Emerge 2016
  • Grey Vessel Form
  • Red Vessel Form
  • Red Vessel Form - Detail
  • Red Vessel Form - Detail
  • Blue Vessel Form : First Prize 2015 British Glass Biennale (Best in Show) : Acquired by The Ernsting Stiftung Alter Hof Herding Museum, Germany
  • Lavender Green Form
  • Deep Red Form
  • Ripple Series - Green Bowl Form
  • Ripple Series - Blue Bowl Form
  • Ripple Series - Red Bowl Form
  • Three Kiln-Cast Glass Bowls
  • Blue Bowl Form
  • Red Bowl Form
  • Olive Green Bowl Form
  • Grey Vessel Form


I discovered kiln cast glass during my MA at the RCA 2009-11. A Major Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales enabled further investigation in glass as part of a research project entitled 'An exploration in the language of form and material'. The pieces made during this project were submitted to the British Glass Biennale where the Blue Vessel Form(untitled 1) received the main award.

The forms are sculpted in solid clay before a mould is made and then kiln-cast in glass.

This process of transformation offers an opportunity to contemplate the relationship between object and material and how this influences our perception and understanding of form.


Working with glass presented me with an opportunity not only to examine how the aesthetics of my ceramic work would translate into a different medium, but it has also helped me to develop a deeper understanding of the material qualities of glass, which in turn informs the design process of new forms.

The general aesthetics of my work are concerned with forms that change, evolve or metamorphose, creating a dialogue between fluid and formal lines that lead the eye to engage with the three dimensional aspects of form.